Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To the perfect (Utopia) class...

Please work on the following in class on Thursday...remember, I am with Holly's class in St. Louis.
  1. Work in groups on literary examples. Can complete the first two pages in class...the third page, you will have to complete upon finishing the novel.
  2. Then return to your read the essay assignment and complete the graphic organizer. From that draft an outline for an essay on this topic.
  3. Please complete the novel for Monday!
  4. Reminder: debate is Wednesday. You are invited to watch/listen to the other class's debate if you can obtain permission from your teacher.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Book Review Due by Monday!

This week completes the third week of this nine week! Please post a review on your blog of your greatest out-of-class read by Monday.

If reading a book that counts as more than one, please let me know before Monday.

Remember to post at the end of your review on a separate line in italics how many pages your book has.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Midweek Update

Please read chapters 3-4 in Animal Farm for Thursday!

Also research your topic for the debate. You will have time in class on Thursday to compare your findings and further develop your individual "expert" topics.

May begin adding your resources to the Think Tank.
  1. Remember you must be logged in to "edit" your page.
  2. To hyperlink to a source, highlight the title on the page and click on the "edit/insert link" button on the toolbar. Choose URL by "Link Type" and "Open in New Window."
  3. Remember to save!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Week: March 30-April 3

A glance at this past week:

  1. Your Anthem essay was due March 20. Have you given me a hard copy?
  2. Check the class wiki for Animal Farm pre-reading assignments this week... George Orwell Author Background.ppt, Shooting an Elephant.doc, Summary of The Patriot Act, and read excerpt from 1984 and respond (see me for copy).
  3. Check out the Vocabulary PowerPoint with Definitions.ppt for Animal Farm and be ready to make up the quiz on Tuesday, April 7.
  4. Go to the new class collaboration wiki at Just Think! (our Think Tank!) and request access. I will then grant you access as a writer.
  5. In the Think Tank, check out the debate link to find out on which debate team you are. Debates are due at the end of this thematic unit (approximately two weeks.)
  6. Read chapters 1-2 of Animal Farm for next Tuesday, April 7.
  7. Two blog posts were due Friday evening. Click here for topics.

Questions? Send me an email!