Sunday, March 29, 2009

Please welcome Ms. Mobley!

First, welcome back! I hope your Spring Break was the most relaxing ever!

Ms. Mobley, a student intern from Lyon College, will continue spending time with us this nine weeks. On Monday, she will give us an overview of George Orwell's life. For those of you still on the band trip, please check the class wiki for this PowerPoint.

Also on Monday, we will discuss your new list of seventeen vocabulary words...might even complete a puzzle! (These resources will also be posted on the wiki.

What can you tell us about your Spring Break?
  1. I read several novels...have posted two reviews to Mrs. Gillmore's Book Reviews Blog. Still have two to write!
  2. Visited my family and a former neighbor.
  3. Went to Branson for a couple of days.
  4. Enhanced my flower beds. I was the supervisor (a very important job!) for my husband and son...great job they did!
  5. Worked on these lesson plans.

Tell me about your Spring Break...go ahead...type a comment!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time to Submit!

On Thursday, please have your essays ready to submit!

I will need to glance over your essay...thereby, granting you permission to submit.

Please check this link for an overview of guidelines and the submit link.

Good luck...may you be the one who wins the big bucks!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thinking Perfection?

Essay drafts are due! I need to be able to preview them if you want input from me.

Due tomorrow (March 13), "drafty" outline and paper!

Your Writer's Notebook is due on Friday!

Grades are due to the office on Tuesday at 8:00. I will take no late work after 8:00 on Monday morning. Turn work in to me! Soon! Late is better than 0%!

Did you know? Tomorrow (March 13) is Mrs. James' sure to wish her well!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Conduct Your Autopsy

For your autopsy, check out at least eight parts of the Equality 7-2521's body. Remember passages and page numbers are required.

Also select the essay topic on which you plan to draft, finalize, and publish for competition.

Remember: think critically! Ask WHY?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Assignment for Thursday, March 5

To 3B...sorry about the confusion as to where you were supposed to go on Tuesday. Hopefully, that will not happen again!

For Thursday, March 5, please read chapters 1-2 in YOUR new novel Anthem. Yes, the novel is yours to keep. Please highlight, make notes as you read...remember, we will draft an essay using this novel as your mentor text next week!

Later today (Wed), I will post some materials and resources concerning this novel...including the essay topics.

Happy reading!