Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's Alien Me?

Here's what is "alien" me today...why do so many embrace science fiction? Movies, books, posters, websites, many genres devoted totally to just this genre.

What do you think the appeal of science fiction is?

Are you a follower of this genre? Yes? No? Why not?

Over the next month, this will be our focus as we take some journeys with H. G. Well's characters and learn about other popular science fiction authors.

In the mean time, some of us will take a trip on that "time machine," while some of us will decide if being invisible provides a cloak of postive attributes.

Here we go...I hope you enjoy the journey!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Your Digital Identity

The decision is yours: you determine who you are, who you will become. What is your digital identity?

As you hand in your metaphorical project, let's begin to ponder whether you will use this metaphor as a theme for your blog or whether you might want to choose another extended metaphor that will digitally represent you. Remember your blog title and user name are a part of your URL, your title; it's your digital "fingerprint." Therefore, choose carefully, thoughtfully.

Other cautions:

  1. Protect your identity. Do not use your name as your blog title/URL. Be cautious about what personal information you reveal throughout our blog. Will a reader be able to connect information and discern your first and last name or where you live or go to school?
  2. Is your blog visually appealing? Use colors and fonts to enhance...not to distract your readers. Remember these choices, too, are a reflection of who you are. Your public is judging you based on such decisions.

So let me ask we prepare for the 21st Century, digitally, who will you become?

Whoever that might be, remember this: you are unique! Please let your blog represent that quality.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Who are you...metaphorically speaking, that is

Last week I asked each each of you to consider to what you might compare your writing styles.

From here, we prepare to enter the digital world as you begin considering a theme for your student blogs. Maybe you will use your writing-style metaphor…or maybe not. I didn’t.

When I created this blog last year, I considered using a duck as part of my theme but then decided to use my last year’s decorating theme. That’s right…pirates! I had just gone to the movie with my family and watched the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie and was inspired! Thus, the Treasure Chest of Thoughts was born (and has since been modified some...just as yours will as you grow as a writer.)

Ducks, sports, starlings, pirates…whatever you choose should reflect the message you want to promote the world.

Okay...for a while that world will still be our class, maybe your parents, sometimes just you and me. Still, though, however small our "worlds" may be, we want to be digitally responsible and digitally professional.

Your blog theme is a reflection of you who you are...right now at this point in your life.

The questions is...who are you?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Your Writing Style

You know how you are...right? Or should I say..."write"?

Think about how you feel when you are assigned a paper to write. Now what steps do you take to complete that assignment? Is this a simple process? A trying process? A rewarding process?

Now consider the level of stress a writing assignment places upon you. A lot? Some? None? Why not?

Does writing bring you enjoyment? Pride? Joy? Anxiety?

Now you are beginning to understand your writing style.

May we think metaphorically?

Having considered the process you experience to publish a paper, now think about something to which you might compare this process.

I like to compare my writing style to the story of The Ugly's just not a pretty sight as I draft and scribble and brainstorm my ideas on a piece of notebook paper, but by the time I am ready to submit...well, just maybe, some of my swan-like characteristics are beginning to "feather" to speak.

To what might you compare your writing style? Just a reminder...please choose a metaphor that you know something about! Had I never heard the story of The Ugly Duckling, this metaphor would not have worked for me!

So creative...begin that metaphorical process!

Good luck. I know you can write right!

(This post also published at Pioneers Write.)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Symbolism of Blue

The background on this blog reminds me of the color of my very first classroom! Just maybe this color also symbolizes my first attempts at Web 2.0? I'm learning!

I am hoping now that I'll be home (have been at two student conventions and a committee meeting for about the last ten days) and have more "down time" to work on these projects. (I like projects...always assign a project with each unit that I teach.)

I have taken some small steps into Web 2.0:

What I am realizing is that just as I quickly filled up my first "blue" classroom and made it mine...that I am even more so going to fill up my Web 2.0 toolbox. The info is out there, the mind and spirit are willing, and summer is providing the time for some personal professional development.