Sunday, March 29, 2009

Please welcome Ms. Mobley!

First, welcome back! I hope your Spring Break was the most relaxing ever!

Ms. Mobley, a student intern from Lyon College, will continue spending time with us this nine weeks. On Monday, she will give us an overview of George Orwell's life. For those of you still on the band trip, please check the class wiki for this PowerPoint.

Also on Monday, we will discuss your new list of seventeen vocabulary words...might even complete a puzzle! (These resources will also be posted on the wiki.

What can you tell us about your Spring Break?
  1. I read several novels...have posted two reviews to Mrs. Gillmore's Book Reviews Blog. Still have two to write!
  2. Visited my family and a former neighbor.
  3. Went to Branson for a couple of days.
  4. Enhanced my flower beds. I was the supervisor (a very important job!) for my husband and son...great job they did!
  5. Worked on these lesson plans.

Tell me about your Spring Break...go ahead...type a comment!

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Heating Up Ideas said...

Hey Mrs. Gillmore! I just wanted to say that Orlando was awesome! Getting everything done that you wanted to do was impossible! I definitely want to go back again! I also wanted to say I have a little problem. I can't look at what you put on the wiki like papers and powerpoints because I have a 2007 computer. Not for sure what to do there. -Katherine