Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Listen to Your Peers!

Good afternoon!

Today's Student Learner Expectations (yes, that is state department jargon!) are...

  1. W.7.10.1: Use figurative language effectively with emphasis on metaphor and symbolism
  2. W.4.10.4 Elaborate ideas clearly and accurately through word choice, vivid description, and selected information
  3. W.4.10.14 Use available technology for all aspects of the writing process

First, let's watch School Tube...watch video and respond in Writer's Notebook about changes you would like to see implemented FOR YOU within our community and school.

Now, the time has arrived to meet Mrs. Brewer and tour the library. You will need a novel in class on Friday for some SSR Time! Ahhh...Silent Sustained Reading has arrived!

Please take a few moments to complete the following questions:

LIBRARY BLOG...You may visit the blog here!

METAPHOR PAPER = Time to listen to your peers!

  • Using the print form or the one online, two peers will read and critique your paper. Positive energy needed! Please take your time...your peers will appreciate any input from you, helping insure the best grade for them and a good experience in editing for you.

DUE ON FRIDAY: Final Metaphorical Paper.


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