Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Next week is the ninth week of school! Wow!

Here's the plan to get us to the end of this tunnel:

Thursday, Oct. 9:
  • Sci-Fi Unit Test
  • Type!

Monday, Oct. 13:

  • Sci-Fi Project due (Click here to preview rubric.)
  • Present your new world to the class.
  • Return parent permission letter and your Letter to the Next President to class on Wednesday.
  • Review six parts to a letter.

Wednesday, Oct. 15

  • Test on parts of a letter (50%) ~ Letter to the Next President (50%)
  • Finalize three blog entries. Post them to your blog.
  • Assign novel.

Friday, Oct. 17

  • Writer's Notebook due.

I hope you like tunnels, for we are about to go on a new literary adventure!

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