Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sci-Fi Project Presentations

On Monday, please bring a final print-out of each phase of your new sci-fi world. The phases/genres need to be in the order listed on the sci-fi project rubric.

Then, (probably by pulling names out of a symbolic hat...will actually be a cup) several of you will present your new sci-fi worlds to the class. So be ready!

Remember for your presentation, you will show your setting PowerPoint to help set the scene and then share two other genres with us. Presentations should take 2-4 minutes or so. Okay?

Which genre was your favorite to create? Mine was the introductory paragraph. Maybe this is because my character is based on my daughter. My next favorite was the brochure of other characters, including myself as "Mean Momma." (No comments necessary on the "mean" part! :) )

Share with us...which genre was your favorite?


Thunders said...

The narritive

Fry said...

the power point was that sheet of paper that we folded up into 4 sections right?

Mrs. Gillmore said...

The brochure was folded into three sections...maybe?

The PowerPoint is just a printout of the three (or more) slides.


Rach... said...

Wait ok so what if you don't have powerpoint??? Do you just type it up..or what?

Wildgrace said...

My fav was the narrative by far. i really enjoyed writing the narrative a whole lot

Wave Writer said...

Prolly the brochure.