Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back from a Blogging Break

Life has been overwhelming lately...sorry about not blogging as much. My to-do list is getting smaller:
  • Graduate course project: completed! Turned in! Did I mention my project is finished?
  • Graded one of your tests!
  • Have begun creating your semester review.
  • Created the rubric for your essay.

To-Do List:

  • Complete yearbook Deadline 2 and Deadline 3.
  • Complete, proof, and print hardcopy of first newspaper.
  • Prepare and decorate for a church Christmas party.
  • Shop for Christmas
  • Make Christmas goodies and share with all my young friends. Interested? No, I won't forget the candy canes!
  • Back to reality...grade papers.
  • Make out exams.

English Class To-Do List:

  • Print Julius Caesar test to be admininstered on Friday.
  • Print additional rubrics so they will be ready as I grade the Julius Caesear essays due on Tuesday.
  • Print phrase test to be administered on Tuesday.
  • Create and print a rubric for the the five blogs due on your semester test day.
  • Print rubric for grading your Writer's Notebooks due on Tuesday.
  • Print review sheets for semester test.
  • Purchase candy canes for class reward for not talking! (Yes, that is to 4B!)
  • Ready myself for some down-time over Christmas Break so that I will be energized as I synergize with the Pre-AP English 10 classes on January 7.

Let's complete this list and have a Merry Christmas!


missbbruce said...

I am ready for the candycanes! Thank you :)
I won't lock you out of the room anymore, promise.

Mrs. Gillmore said...

Thank you!

I will never lock you out of the classroom, either!