Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday, Nov 25....This Is It!

I am at a meeting today in Melbourne learning more about what to teach you when.

Today's plans include
  • Write in your Writer's Notebook. You choose the topic.
  • Turn in your Seven Habits project.
  • Take the Julius Caesar vocabulary test.
  • Complete and turn in the Review Packet.

Now go and have a great break!

Happy Thanksgiving!


LaTaylor said...

Wow. Hope your meeting is fun! Have fun over Thanksgiving. Bye! See ya next monday!

MEASELS said...

HA HA thanks for putting something on our blog lol jk we were all wondering were you went... Well hope you have a Great Thanksgiving. See you on Tuesday next week...

Wave Writer said...

Was Cindy Arnn there?

Mason.C. said...

mrs. g! u missed our class again! someone doesnt like us! haha jk!