Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cursive or Print

Did you know that for timed tests you should consider cursive writing?

Yes, according to my peer Mr. Qualls, one can write faster in cursive.

Planning for the AP exams cannot start too might ponder on this. Do you write faster in print or cursive?


Louisa said...

I agree, most people can write more quickly using cursive writing than print, but you do need lots and lots of practice to get quick. When you first learn cursive or if you are out of practice your writing would be much slower.

KateGladstone said...

Actually, Mrs. Gillmore, the research on handwriting shows that the fastest and clearest handwriters join only some letters, not all of them: making the very easiest joins and skipping the rest.
Further, the fastest and clearest handwriters tend to avoid the cursive formations of those letters whose printed and cursive formations notably "disagree." Such writers write faster, and more legibly, than cursive as well as print-style handwriters.

If you or your colleague Mr. Quills would care for a citation (and for further information on the subject), I invite you to visit my handwriting improvement web-site at -- you will find the citation on the site's "Writing Rebels" page, but all pages of the site contain information that your colleagues, your students, and you may find useful.

Kate Gladstone

KateGladstone said...

I apologize to your colleague Mr. Qualls for having mistyped his surname as "Quills." Please correct this, if you publish my earlier post.