Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thurs., October 8

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Featured Post of the Day!

  • In your Writer's Notebook, discuss where you anticipate your digital fingerprint might land. What imprint will you have in the land of the Internet?

Poetry Perception:

  1. Review terms/Etherpad.

  2. Group Report: Share with class your most insightful conclusion about your poem.

  3. Style: What is your style? In clothes? In cars? In conversation? In writing? As you read "The Feeling of Power" (for homework), consider how Isaac Asimov's writing style compares to H.G. Well's writing style.
A-"tone"-ment Time!
  1. Today: Groups 3B/4B Frappe, 3B/4/BMocha
  2. Monday: Groups 3B/4B Expresso, 3B/4B/ Latte, 3B Cappuccino, 4B Macchiato

Writer's Workshop/Lit Circle/Coffee Group:

  1. A Whole New (Sci-Fi) World: Create the character around which your character will center. Create main character here. Will your character be male, female, or not? Will your character be a hero or a villian? What powers (if any) will your character possess?Work together...your group must come to a consensus on this!
  2. Overview of project...via a multi-genre approach.
  3. Review composition terms.



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