Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Break Is Here!

Last updates:
  1. I ordered $300+ of new books! According to an email that I received this morning, they have already been shipped!
  2. Am grading papers this weekend...keep checking the online grades. As weird as this sounds, I am hoping to have a surgery over break to remove a cyst on my wrist, so I am working to get the paperwork completed before then.
  3. I will be switching class blog URL's when we return to class next year so that we can go back to using the email. With your using gmails, I also need to use one for class, that way all correspondence communicates better.

Please enjoy your break! Should you have time...remember to read a good book! I started a new one last night! My goal is to read some every day!

Take care...and Merry Christmas!

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