Monday, December 7, 2009

Mon., Dec. 7

Writer's Notebook: Remember these lines? Now listen to the story "Chrysanthemum." Reflect on why you think people make fun of people's names. Have you ever made fun of someone's name? Has someone ever made fun of your name? How did this make you feel?

Time for Caesar!
  1. Submit your name paragraphs to Please remember to put your class name and assignment in the subject line: 3B: Name paragraph.
  2. Vocab quiz today!
  3. Now let's continue on with Act 2-3.
  4. Terms to know thus far....blank verse, puns, foreshadowing, soliloquy, imagery, dramatic irony, anachronism.
  5. Predicting outcomes: Who will assume power after Caesar's death? How will the people react to Caesar's death? Support with evidence from Acts I and II.
  6. Assignment: Choose your essay!

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