Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monday, Nov. 2

Happy November!

A New Contest for Us! Enter the Young Adult Novel Contest!

  1. Need a title and the first 250 words.
  2. Deadline: Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Writer's Notebook: Read this post at Brian's Blog and think about finding the "light" for your novel. Reflect in your Writer's Notebook on any ideas you might have for your young adult novel.

Blog Spotlight: Read this blog post and check out who commented! Impressive!
  • Blog Post #1 is due! Did you use journalistic style (short, mini-paragraphs)? Did you include a list?
  • Blog Post #2 = Introduce the book (author/title). Then choose a habit to discuss on your blog...your favorite? Your least favorite? The one on which you need to work the most? The one on which you have mastered? Discuss any favorite insights from the other habits/chapters. Then conclude with your recommendation concerning the reading of this book. Deadline: Wednesday, Nov. 11. This post is in lieu of your book review for this assigned read.

November is National Family Literacy Month: Here's the deal!

  1. Your parent/guardian may read one of your required books for you!
  2. Discuss the book with your parent/guardian.
  3. Blog about your experience.
  4. Deadline December 1.
Complete and share your Sci-Fi Vocab with me via my Google email:

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens:

  1. Review the project and terms.
  2. Ideas for five with three of them drafted: due Wednesday.
  3. Two drafts due Friday.
  4. Final project due Tuesday.

Writer's Workshop ~ Phrases:

  1. Review appositives.
  2. Review/learn absolutes.

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