Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wed., Nov. 4

Writer's Notebook: When was the last time you did a Random Act of Kindness? How did that make you feel? Pledge to be proactive today!

Writer's Workshop:

  1. Draft your young adult novel idea...plot? Setting? Characters?
  2. Review absolutes: A phrase consisting of a noun, this group of words can add so much detail to what was once a very boring sentence!
  3. Click here to further review absolutes.

Seven Habits...

  1. Drafts 1-3 due!
  2. Review chiasmus. Now search for one on the Internet...your group needs to share one with the class.
  3. Visit Sean Covey's website.
  4. Complete the Check-ups.
  5. Now type...type...type!

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