Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thurs., Nov. 12

Writer's Notebook: Please read this post (Source: The Doc Is In) about ten people who plagiarized and the cost of this choice. Did any of these examples surprise you? What were the consequences of their actions? Reflect on this in your Writer's Notebook. Can you make any Text-to-World (T2W) Connections? Hopefully, you cannot make any T2Y...Text-2-You Connections!

Before I forget....!....please hand in your mission statement handout!

Vocab quiz today!

Top 20 Figurative Language: let's master these definitions by Christmas.

Grammar Time:
  • Appostives: Deliberately using appostives, those phrases that add so much descriptive information about the nouns in a sentence, expands one's writing style and vividly enhances images for the reader.
  • Absolutes: The students created wonderful absolute phrases in their essays, their minds intent upon mastering that "A." NOTE: absolutes often begin with a possessive pronoun and must contain a part of a predicate. Warning: must be a part of a verb and not a participial. Review these examples to clarify this.
  • Basic Diagramming 101.

Writer's Workshop Today!

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens:
  1. Why Are You Who You draft due today! Due on Monday: final paper.
  2. You via music...what song reflects who you are?

Young Adult Novel:

  1. Where are you in this process? Who is your main character? Minor characters? Plot? Sub-plots determined? Setting?
  2. Requirements: Title and 250 words

Blog Post:

  1. Blog Post #2 is due today. See Nov. 2 post in this blog for more information.

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