Thursday, August 21, 2008

Your Writing Style

You know how you are...right? Or should I say..."write"?

Think about how you feel when you are assigned a paper to write. Now what steps do you take to complete that assignment? Is this a simple process? A trying process? A rewarding process?

Now consider the level of stress a writing assignment places upon you. A lot? Some? None? Why not?

Does writing bring you enjoyment? Pride? Joy? Anxiety?

Now you are beginning to understand your writing style.

May we think metaphorically?

Having considered the process you experience to publish a paper, now think about something to which you might compare this process.

I like to compare my writing style to the story of The Ugly's just not a pretty sight as I draft and scribble and brainstorm my ideas on a piece of notebook paper, but by the time I am ready to submit...well, just maybe, some of my swan-like characteristics are beginning to "feather" to speak.

To what might you compare your writing style? Just a reminder...please choose a metaphor that you know something about! Had I never heard the story of The Ugly Duckling, this metaphor would not have worked for me!

So creative...begin that metaphorical process!

Good luck. I know you can write right!

(This post also published at Pioneers Write.)

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