Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Look Ahead

This week begins the fourth week of this nine weeks! Progress reports will be going home soon!

Seven Habits:
  1. Begin reading Habit 5-6.
  2. By this Friday afternoon, plan to post your second entry based on this book. This time include at least one bolded appositive and one participial phrase and one vocab word.
  3. Continue selecting your anecdotes for your project.
  4. Want to really publish one of your life-experiences? You can! I will show you this week in class where you may submit and how you can win prizes for this!
Ladder of Questioning:
  1. We will review this process online utilizing Google Docs with John Keat's poem "A Song About Myself."

Julius Caesar:

  1. This week, we begin reading and listening to one of Shakepeare's great dramas!
  2. The project for this unit will be to write a synthesis essay, which means that you will be given two others works from which to read and develop your thesis and evidence. To assist in your writing this essay, you might consider taking notes on content as you read this drama.


  1. We will be reviewing appositives and participials and then discussing gerunds. Diagram all!
  2. Click here or click here for two sites on diagramming if you need more examples.

Let's have a great week!

According to Sean Covey, "you have two ears and one mouth." Why does he point this out?

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Mason.C. said...

ok so i was looking at my email this morning before that whole level 1, 2, &3 assignment and im pretty sure i deleted that worksheet! =( so if you could just send it to me again?? that would be awesome! thanks! and nice blog! =D