Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3-7

Wednesday, Nov. 3:
  • Grammar pages 30-31 due. Review participials.
  • Vocabulary review...should time allow.
  • Think! What anecdotes would you like to include in your Seven Habits project? This project is due Wednesday, Nov. 25.
  • Guest speaker today! Dr. Paul Hance, our school board president, will join us and give a book talk or two.

Friday, Nov. 7:

  • Vocabulary quiz on words 16-30 today!
  • Review participals.
  • Blog post about Seven Habits is due today. Need to bold at least one appositive phrase.
  • Need to have read through Habit 4 (page 162) in Seven Habits.
  • Targit Test today! This test is modeled after the test your junior year, which is required by the state of Arkansas.
  • Discuss "Ladder of Questions," using "Marigolds" as a model.
  • Continue brainstorming about anecdotes to include in your Seven Habits project.

A Look Ahead

Tuesday, Nov. 11:

  • Begin reading/listening to Julius Caesar in class.
  • Discuss/review gerund phrases.

Thursday, Nov. 13:

  • Read/listen to Julius Caesar.
  • Discuss/review gerunds.

Friday, Nov. 14:

  • Post #2 due on blog about Seven Habits. Need to bold one participal and one gerund phrase within this post.

Hopefully posting these assignments here and on the white board, as well as discussing them in class, will help us all have a win-win plan!

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