Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mechanical Error

Grading papers...and grading....and grading...getting there, though!

Have noticed a common error I am seeing:
  • Periods and commas must ALWAYS go INSIDE "quotation marks."
  • Why do you insist on placing them outside?! Help!

On Personal Note:

  • My husband must have (in lots of pain!) another knee surgery on Tuesday. I know...not good for me and our reviews and finishing up Of Mice and Men. Thank goodness for technology!
  • Please spread the word...especially to 3B (I will see 4B for review on Thursday afternoon) to please keep checking the blog.
  • 3B: I will be available for questions/review during 4A...please stop by, if possible, if you still have questions about the test at that time.
  • As always, leave me comments or send me an email.

Enjoy your weekend!

1 comment:

anon said...

So a period or comma must always be placed inside a quotation, even if its connotation doesn't belong in the quoted string, but it's okay to blatantly abuse ellipses and to split an infinitive? I'm convinced that grammar Nazism is a product of misunderstanding the purpose of language.