Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Real Utopia

Just four more weeks, then this dystopia will end and a true utopia will begin...maybe?

In the meantime, next week:

  • review for thematic unit test
  • edit/revise inner delimma essay (REMINDER: be sure to create examples of figurative language and footnote each: In Word at point where you want to insert a footnote number, click on Insert: Reference: Footnote. Include explanation/rationale at the bottom of the page.).


  • Utopia vs. Dystopia Thematic Unit test
  • Essay due.
  • Begin We Are the World Thematic Unit. Assign House on Mango Street. Due next Wednesday (May 13).
  • Begin drafting novelette.

Your semester test will be to write a synthesis in class. This essay will be based on Of Mice and Men and two/three other sources that I will provide. Therefore, when you complete House on Mango Street, I will assign you copy of this novel to have completed May 26. On this date, we will have a discussion of the novel and other sources.


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