Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Icy Homework!

I hope everyone is warm and safe on this icy, beginning-to-get-very-white day! Those icy trees are beautiful (although dangerous), aren't they?

Gentle Reminders:

  1. Read President Obama's speech and analyze for the six persuasive characteristics. Click here to access the graphic organizer, or, yes, you may identify each on the hard copy of the speech.
  2. Please spend time adventuring to another world through the novel of your choice for one of your "outside-of-class" reads. REMEMBER: please post a book review for each read on your blog and GoodReads = the assessment on your chosen novel. I hope to finalize book review rubric today...so far, the electricity is only flickering! Check out these sites at GoodReads and Mrs. Gillmore's Book Reviews for my latest review of The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.
  3. Blog Post Due! I will grade those while we enjoying this "cool" break.

What are you reading good right now?

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