Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ready to Review

Completed a novel for your "out-of-class" read? Now ready to write a book review?

Please click here to access the rubric for your book reviews.

Remember you may want to check out some sites and peruse some book reviews.
  1. Mrs. Gillmore's Book Reviews
  2. New York Times Book Reviews
  3. USA Today ~ Young Adult Novels : These are too short but a good place to check out some of the newest novels.

What have your read lately?

I am reading Inkheart. So far? I definitely recommend this one!


Thunders said...
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Thunders said...

I am reading Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Mrs. Gillmore said...

I look forward to your review...I might need to check this one out!

~caitlin11 said...

I just finished Specials. I need to read Extras now.

Mrs. Gillmore said...

I have the first three...need to order the fourth in this series. This has been a very popular series, also.