Sunday, February 15, 2009

Updated Your Blog?

Just a quick reminder...the following blog posts are due!
  1. Taking a Stand thematic unit (most of you have posted this one!)
  2. Book reviews of Antigone, Call of the Wild, and an "out-of-class" read (unless your novel counts as multiple books).

By the way, the posts I have read? Great content! Good work!

As a side note...great job to the quartet of cheerleaders on Saturday! You make us proud...Caitlin, Katherine, Norma, and Roxanne!


v.p.c. said...

When is the final date to have the book reviews posted?

Thunders said...

i read this. I got all my post dune so far.

Mrs. Gillmore said...

Posts need to be made by Tuesday...unless reading a book that counts as more than one.

The remainder of the book reviews will be due towards the end of the nine weeks.