Saturday, February 28, 2009

Think WHY

As you draft your essay, please thoroughly answer WHY each of the defining characteristics you have chosen best represent who you are...right this very moment.

Your papers must go beyond just describing these qualities.

Consider this paragraph:

When determining the trait that most describes me, I can settle on no other adjective than busy. No less than five people have thrown this word at me this week when referring to my life. For instance, my husband, just a few hours ago, said this to me when discussing my schedule for today: decorate for a church banquet, watch my daughter cheer at a ballgame, shop for food for the banquet, attend the Polar Bear Plunge, begin cooking for the banquet....and then he asked that question, THE question: Why do you over-extend yourself?

So far this paragraph has been descriptive...right? Describing a day in my life...a busy day.

Now to complete the assignment, I must answer the WHY. Here goes...go with me on a trip into my psyche:

The answer? 1) I enjoy being involved, working with others, helping others...or is the answer... 2) maybe I am just a little bit of a control freak?! Oh, no! I do not even like typing that word, even thinking about that concept, evening contemplating the negative aspect of that answer. Uhmmm, so far this journey is not turning out too pleasant; maybe I better put that proverbial mask back on! Let me quickly go, then, to my next trait that makes me who I am. Journey with me...

See how this last part begins to tap into the WHY?

In essence, you are answering...
WHY are you WHO you ARE?

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