Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To Synthesize, Part 2

As you ponder on what evidence to include within your synthesis essay, consider the instances in which Buck took a stand...against and for man and beast alike. What were the outcomes of this stance? Yes...who had to die? What was gained? What was lost?

Then consider times in which Jack London took a stand (oops...sorry, Samuel. Just realized that I called the author Fitzgerald!) May have to infer (draw conclusions), for no man or woman is as successful as he was without having taken a stand.

Now, the poem...just think about the title...to me that almost says it all!

  • Embed quotes. To check your use of quotes, remember to "read the sentence out loud." Can you "hear" where the quote begins or ends? No? Then you have done an outstanding job embedding quotes!
  • Refer to your sources as Source A, B, or C.

Tomorrow, we will read your essays...time to edit and revise.


Thunders said...

Thanks for all the help. This post helps even more.

~caitlin11 said...

I understand the prompt now. I think I've got it this time.