Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Synthesize

First, thanks for your input in class today. I appreciated the discussion!

As you complete Call of the Wild, please ponder on the claim/thesis for your assigned synthesis essay.

  1. For Monday, finish reading Call of the Wild and decide your thesis for the synthesis essay.
  2. For Wednesday, draft your essay being sure to embed quotes and use participial phrases. Test over Call of the Wild.
  3. For Friday, finalize your essay.

Help! I forgot to have 3B vote on nominees for class officer and class favorites. Please remind me to do this on Monday!

I also posted a "Recommended 101 Great Reads" by AP Central on the side bar of our class wiki. You might check this out before selecting your out-of-class classical read.

Have a nice weekend!


Rach... said...

I am making a comment late at night because you are always writing late at night.I just like that you put these posts up here so that i know what my homework is. :)

Mrs. Gillmore said...


v.p.c. said...

I am reading your post, and commenting just so you know that i did.

Mrs. Gillmore said...

Thanks for commenting! Communication is grand!