Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Posting to a Voice Thread

NOTE TO 4B: Sorry about the confusion in class today. Upon some reflection, I now realize that our problem was that we were not communicating! Duh! The problem was mine; I failed to to make sure that we began with the end in mind...meaning that I had forgotten that you did not know what a Voice Thread was/is...sorry! Forgot that we had not worked through that.

"Voicethread is an amazing tool with almost limitless possibility for classroom application. Upload images or video and users can make text, audio and video comments, and even draw on the images while commenting. Learn more here. Want examples? Look here, here and here.)"

  • The previous information I borrowed from Mrs. Huff's 21clc site, a wiki dedicated to teams of BHS teachers she is leading as they, too, learn more about Web 2.0 tools.
Please follow these steps when posting to a Voice Thread.

  1. Click on the sign-in button. Log-in using your gmail and password.
  2. When prompted, add your picture (avatar).
  3. Now click on "Comment."
  4. Click "yes" to allow microphone.
  5. Time to record! Proudly proclaim who your duck is...using that tone of voice!
  6. When finished, click on the red line.
  7. Listen...listen to what you just recorded.
  8. If you like what you said, click save. If not, select cancel...and begin again!
IMPORTANT: Please remember to sign out!

Deadlines to submit your introductory paragraph, your Voice Thread Script, and to record your comment on the Voice Thread:

  1. 3B: due by 12:00 on Friday
  2. 4B: due by the end of class on Friday.
Questions? Please send me an email...or stop by and see me in Cafe 16!

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