Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sept. 24:

Shhhh...time for Silent Sustained Reading!

Lit Circle Group:

Writing/Grammar CHECK-up:

  1. Let's review the comma exercise you completed in class last week.

  2. In your writing, I am noting that we sometime spell numbers; sometimes we write them numerically. Check here to review when to spell numbers...or not.

  3. Ponder on this: how might we combine these three sentences into one? In the Writer's Workshop tab in your 3-ring binder, revise these three sentences into one:
    "I recommend this book for any girl. This book captures the reader. I loved this book."

May we review the No-No this list in your Writer's Workshop (hint!)?

  • It
  • You
  • There is/are/was/were
  • Things/stuff
  • I believe/I feel/I think...
  • contractions (I'm, wasn't...)

Ducks Galore...continuing with tone!

  1. Time to draft the introduction of your duck to your classmates.

  1. Complete your novel for Monday.
  2. Finalize and practice your duck intro for the Voice Thread.

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