Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22

ANNOUNCEMENT: On Wednesday, we start something new! The first 15 minutes of class is SSR time! That's right...always bring your favorite read with you! I have not decided what my read will be, but as I have about fifty novels awaiting me, the challenge is not what to read but which one!

Please take out a piece of paper and defend the following about the main character of your novel found at this site.

WRITER'S NOTEBOOK: Please watch the following video; then reflect in your WN about the collaborative beauty of Google Docs.

DUCKS GALORE: Discuss characterization. Please put these terms in your Reader's Workshop:

  1. Flat vs. Round

  2. Dynamic vs. Static

  3. Apply these terms, as you read, to the main character in your assigned novel.

DUCK GALORE PROJECT #1 consists of the following two parts:

  1. Introduce your duck to Mrs. Gillmore via paragraph. This part completed! (May make any changes to your paragraph for partial credit!)

  2. Sign in to Voice Thread. Insert your Avatar. Introduce your duck to your peers via Voice Thread. Remember...use tone as you present your duck!

  3. Duck photos scheduled for next time; please bring your friend to class!

May we review the No-No List...is this list in your Writer's Notebook (hint!)?
*There is/are/was/were
*I believe/I feel/I think...
*contractions (I'm, wasn't...)


As we read H.G.Well's novels, we begin our sci-fi unit. This week, as I attempted to catch up my Google Reader (had over a 1000 posts! No, not 100 but 1000!), I came across this link. Go ahead! Check it out!

First, let's add a term to your Reader's Workshop: genre. What does this term mean to you?

Now let's work on discovering the tone H.G. Wells established in the first few chapters of his novels. Click here to access the worksheet your group must complete. You each need to complete the worksheet; then select a group member to email me the final product.

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