Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blogger Is the Winner!

After some deliberation and debate, Mrs. Huff and I have decided to use Blogger as the class blog type.

If you have created a Edublog or a Wordpress blog....I do apologize, but Blogger is adding some features that will work great for us. For example, soon our Readers can feed right into our blog! I know...the excitement will come as your understanding of these Web 2.0 tools develops. It will...I promise.

So let's all set up a Blogger. (My apologies for pics...I only have Paint to work with here at home, and the quality is just not good enough. Sorry!)

Step 1: Go to your gmail account and click on "more"; then scroll down to "blog."
Step 2: Click on "my account" in the upper right corner.
Step 3: Select Blogger.
Step 4: Proceed to set up a blog.
CAUTION: Remember, this is a class blog, for class assignments, for a grade. Okay? If you want to publish personal posts, please set up another blog in what is now called your "dashboard."
Congratulations you have now left your digital fingerprint on the web! You are about to be a published author!
I look forward to reading your entries and watching you grow as a writer...and reader!

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