Monday, September 29, 2008

Wiki Updates...Just for You!

Check out the class wiki for some updates for this class.
  1. On the grammar page, I added a link further explaining appositives. Remember, this is the type of "add-on" that we discussed in class last week. This is one of the revisions I will be looking for in your sci-fi main character blog post. (Note to 3A...I'll need to take those up on Wednesday.)
  2. On the main page, I inserted a rubric for the first three blog posts. On the rubric are the criteria for each blog assignment and how the points will be distributed. These three blog posts will be a test grade...due Oct. 15. Then we can check that off our "to-do" list for good!
  3. On the Sci-Fi Project Page, I uploaded my completed character brochure. Several have asked about minor character descriptors...what makes each of your minor characters unique? Describe those traits. The last phase of this project, the narrative, is due on Wednesday! Remember to include dialogue...enough that I know you understand how to punctuate and indent dialogue properly.
  4. As a reminder, the rubric for the Letter to the Next President has been on the wiki for some time. Please consider what information you want to present in the body of your letter and have this ready to type when we work in the lab on Friday (or next Tuesday, depending on what we complete in class on Wednesday).
  5. As you read the two sci-fi poems, just know that you are reading the final genre in this sci-fi unit, just as you are completing the creation of your own sci-fi world.
  6. I will be scanning your sci-fi characters...maybe some tomorrow after School Day Photos (smile!). Look for that .jpeg in your student file.
  7. Final thought...are you caught up on your Writer's Notebooks? Remember, they are a test grade each nine weeks. This grading period ends Oct. 17...a little over two weeks away.

Thanks for all you do for this class!

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