Saturday, September 13, 2008

Passwords and Posting

During 4B, some expressed concerns about giving out your don't. Change your password.

Go to gmail and click on "My Account." There, you should be able to click on "change password."

Later, when this blog is no longer being used as a class assignment, you may use whatever password you want. Okay?

My apologies if this caused some confusion. As long as I am requiring this for class purposes, I have to be able to access your sites if needed...and only if needed. Trust me...I do not have enough time in my day to spend what little free time that I might have browsing your emails! This is just to remove inappropriate comments.

Also...I had also made the statement that all posts should relate or reflect the work of this class. Well...after reading the letter to the editor on Friday, I have changed my mind. Writing of this calibur should, of course, be posted! Wow! Very good!

Just keep me "posted" or get your post ideas pre-approved if you have any concerns about publishing something not directly related to a class assignment.

Now, let's draft and edit/revise so we can post and make comments!

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