Thursday, September 25, 2008

To Those Who Missed 9-25-08

To your question, "What did we do?"'s the answer.
  1. Wrote in your Writer's Notebook a description of your world's minor sci-fi characters.
  2. Punctuated and identified poetic devices within the two songs we listened to in class.
  3. Handed in your speech draft...unless your speech does not follow this format
  4. Draft of minor character brochure is due next time.
  5. Quiz on "There Will Come Soft Rains." Hand out and assigned "The Machine That Won the War."
  6. Bring to class copy of your sci-fi main character blog with transitions and verbs circled...remember to use "strong, active" verbs. May refer to chart. Also insert some "add-on's"...yes, appositive phrases would be great!
  7. Reminder: select your presidential candidate and choose an issue and begin researching that issue.



misstleger said...

What are we supposed to tell about the minor characters?

Mrs. Gillmore said...

Please describe the minor characters: charactize them. What makes them unique physically, mentally, emotionally?