Monday, September 8, 2008

Plan to publish!

Your blogs are created; now the time has arrived to decide about what to post first!

Never fear, the teacher is never far away with just the right blog assignment close in hand!

Blog Topic 1:
As you draft your letter to the next President, plan an excerpt or summary of your thoughts to place in a post.

Blog Topic 2:
Using your assigned novel as a basis, either promote or discourage science-fiction as a genre of choice.

Blog Topic 3:
Later when your sci-fi worlds are completed, plan to introduce your blog audience to your main character.

Then as we subscribe to your classmates' blogs, take advantage of your Reader and comment on one or two blogs. Remember through comments comes the confirmation that you are a published writer!


Thunders said...

This help me alot and i read thies everyday. i just forget to comment.

Will said...

Just thought I'd leave a comment.

Mrs. Gillmore said...

Thunders...this makes me realize something! I don't know who you are! We need to change user names to your first names! Please remind me of this in class, okay? Thanks for checking in!

Will...hi! Glad you commented!

Sticky Notes! said...

Hey hey mrs. gillmore!! well i am super excited about this whole blog thing!!! cant wait till we make more posts! =D