Monday, September 22, 2008

Conflict Resolved?

Hollywood strives daily.
Daily, she forges ahead,
Ahead to the front of the class,
To the front of the class to rescue all damsels.
Rescue, yes, she does.
Yes, to the forefront to conquer,
The forefront of all forth-grade kind,
The kind who struggle to overcome,
To overcome the female race,
A race to show the most affection.
To present trophies of candy and animals
Stuffed with …uh, yuck…stuff!
But back to the journey,
The journey to the defeat of boyfriends,
The defeat of romance.
Romancing the princesses.
Prince or princess?
Both too young.
Today, they remain simply,
Simply forth-grade students.
Students striving to meet benchmarks.
Not benchmarks of love, either!
Arkansas Benchmarks.
Thanks to Arkansas’ own version of Hollywood.
With rays of friendship she vanquishes.
Now boys are friends…not boyfriends.

Did you notice the repetition of words from line to line?

You did? Very good!

No? Then, please re-read!

This poem continues the saga of Hollywood, Mrs. Gillmore's heroine in her unique sci-fi world as she "births," (yes, Mike, that term is for you!) as she writes along with her students as they, too, create their new sci-fi worlds.


Thunders said...

I like it and it showed me how to wright it properly.

Mrs. Gillmore said...

Great! Good luck!