Friday, September 12, 2008

Linking Together

I need your help! Please paste your blog URL into an email, along with your blog title, and send this info to me.

Then I will paste your info onto the wiki so you can check out each other's blogs. this for blog topic assignments on which to be pondering.

Have a great weekend!


Heating Up Ideas said...
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Heating Up Ideas said...

Hey Mrs. Gillmore. I have a question, about the blog topics.- do we only pick one, or are we suppose to do all 3

Mrs. Gillmore said...

We will be doing all three...over time.

The President...after we write the letter...unless you have thoughts to share already.

The Sci-Fi project...after we get your characters scanned.

Sci-Fi genre...this week. Now that we have completed the novels.

Please remind me to go over this in class, okay?


Emily Q. said...

Mrs. Gillmore, what e-mail do we send this info to?