Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hollywood to the Rescue

Never fear; Hollywood is here! She, the fearless wonderette, will rescue all fourth grade weak-minded girls from those creatures who simply insist upon being these girls' boyfriends. With her quick shooting rays of red, she will insist that these boys back away and realize that the time is not right for their romantic advances. That's right...those red dots, no, red Holly Berries will shoot out rays of red that will become a force that these advancing young knights cannot overtake...not yet, at least. For the power of the Holly Berry causes the romance to die until they turn thirty (that is what this momma is hoping, anyway!) Once the rays have been administered, Hollywood utilizes her rollerblades to rescue the innocent little girls who had so unwillingly succumbed to the powers of the want-to-be boyfriends. With lightning speed, Hollywood rushes in, scoops up the dim-witted girls, yes, those girls whose mothers have shed many tears at the thought of the monstrous ways of the unwanted cute looks and flashy winks of the eye, and, oh, yes, the teddy bears and chocolates given on Valentine's Day by these miniature men of the future. Then Hollywood returns to commit her final heroic deed...that of saving these now heartless young male minds (yes, heartless...remember, they can now have no romantic thoughts until the age of thirty! Right?). With the love of a teacher, Hollywood shoots her rays once again...this time from what looks like her hair, except they are really coming from her grand brain. With these rays comes a love for learning, as the leaders of the future now go to prepare to be our next doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, truck drivers, firefighters, and, okay, knights in shining armour. With all these wonderous heroic qualities, Hollywood has once again saved the mothers from sleepless nights and the dads from waiting up for their darling innocent beauties.

Isn't that how the story goes? If not, please do not tell this mother any variations to this story's ending!

I look forward to meeting your heros and heroines!

The above is my homework assignment for my new sci-fi world...the world of Hollywood. The assignment? To write a descriptive paragraph about the hero of this unique world. Must also include three "chunks" within the the body of the paragraph.

The sentences are highlighted according to the guidelines in Step up to Writing, an awesome program to which I attribute previous high scores on the End-of-Level Literacy Exam.

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